Friday, 12 May 2017

15 Reconciliation Day Quotes

With reconciliation first must come acceptance of faults.
I accept mine, please forgive me

I don't want to let this moment pass me by
Please let us forget our past

You were never a side chick but the one I looked up-to, and more than anything I accept my mistakes

Please accept my apology and forgive and forget

I'm life, it is said that humans regret the chances they didn't take rather than the ones they did, please I don't want this to be amongst them, please forgive me

I made a promise to myself to never let us end and here's me keeping to that please forgive me

More than anything, I lay down my pride on bended knees, please forgive me

It's been only a day you've been angry with me and I feel miserable, please accept me again

I come not that wet reconcile the past but forget it. 
Please give us a chance again

I don't want a mansion without you because what I need is a home, please come back babe

With forgiveness is a true indication of love, please do forgive me

Let us reach a common ground on our love because with your forgiveness comes my joy, forgive me and forget please

With compromise, comes maturity and with you, I pledge to grow if you will accept my apology.
I hope it's not too late to say sorry

I have resolved to learn and move forward but not without you, forgive me my true love 

I am not ashamed to let out the words please and forgive me for you, please accept me

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