Tuesday, 30 May 2017

15 Smile Message

When you smile, I laugh
When you wish, act
When you hope, I dream
You are my moving force

Knowing you should smile when the hardest times come, it fills me with far too much hope that no matter what. 
I am guaranteed to scale through

Seeing you smile is the greatest gift I ever received, it is as though watching the beautiful night stars

Time shall never brag to find you prey in its shade because your smile will forever tarry

Smiling is the medicine that keeps the doctors away especially when its an angel's

You are a dream come true, 
A chosen seraph for my sake
And a hope that makes me smile.
Love you lots

Keep on smiling, love
It kills them that hate on you

I fall in love with you over and over again knowing that in your smile, love to me is guaranteed

Your smile is the only antidote to the crease in my brow

Days with you is like an ever present bliss, always with no end

You make it seem so effortless, smiling without a care for the world whenever you are around

So long, I have you
So long, I will be happy

Your existence alone was glued to mine as your joy is mine regardless of whatever state I am in

As beacon in dark seas, so is your allaying smile in my hopeless state

Whenever you smile, just like that
It lights up my world

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