Tuesday, 23 May 2017

15 Wedding Anniversary Message For Husband

My love, happy plus one to us and to you most especially for all of the times together

My hubby, I know I've not been the ideal wife but having you has been the ideal thing
Happy anniversary

If a thousand and one choice I have again, I'll choose you still my honey
Happy anniversary to us

Loving you has been the one constant joy to me and I'll never forget to remember
Happy anniversary my dear

4th of July, 20 years ago and it feels like a dream
Happy anniversary to the man who stuck with me through it all

Happy anniversary my dear husband and friend
The long journey would not have been possible without you

The long walk to marital bliss was only made possible because I had you
Happy anniversary dear

You are all of all of me and you make possible what seems impossible with what we've today
Happy anniversary love

It would not have been a fruitful marriage if I didn't have you checking my excesses and on that, you did more than well. 
Happy anniversary dear

My love, you are the best thing to have been sired by man
Thanks for everything
Happy anniversary

If ever true love exists and with true friendship attached. 
Twas because you exist first
Thanks my love for the years together and most of all
Happy anniversary

Happy anniversary to the one I'll never trade anything for
Lots of love

I'd say that I love you to the moon and back now but I'm not Neil Armstrong so...
I love to the ends of the earth is it..
Happy anniversary

You make it all worth the while, my love
Happy anniversary

I cannot dear to think to love you less because you have loved me more
Happy anniversary and thanks for all the love

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