Thursday, 18 May 2017

15 Weekend Text

I look to you, love.
I look to you
After all my muse is gone
In you I found it all
I look to you
That's my song for Monday

A weekend without a true weekend is no different from Monday's penance 

If I have one wish, it'll be too wish weekdays away and bid the weekend come always

“The perks thing about not having a job is that you have day to yourself like it's Saturday

Mondays are not fit for young people like us because sitting in the office and counting the time till the next day is maddening.
Thank God for Saturday

I wonder how the world would be filled with angry men if there were no weekend to offset weekdays

It's a pity one has to get through the rough times to get to the happiest as is weekend and weekdays Mondays can be upsetting especially when you have to get up early after a wonderful weekend

Friday night carefree attitude and Sunday night party are just the best solution to wade through the till the next weekday

They lie that say their favorite days are Mondays 

It doesn't matter what or where, weekends are the bomb

I would that all day were Saturdays

The undisputed golden champion of the days is surely Saturday, my hero

A cue to the weekend indeed is FRIDAY a joyful day

“Happy Weekend Everyone, YAY. 
Time to forget all the boredom of the weekdays

What an encounter of delicious gaiety by weekend

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