Wednesday, 31 May 2017

15 Wife And Husband Jokes Message

The day I met her, my heart skipped no beat or did I hear butterflies but I knew she was the one

I love you so much darling more than Tom loves Jerry

Having someone to listen to all of my boredom from work is what we are married for. 
So listen very well love

I wish you both are life together as is on wedding days and not marriage days

To my comedian, pastor, father and son all in once
My sweet husband
Love you forever

Living with you has made it clear that life is not a bed of roses alone but roses with thorns

I love with all of me and I will love you even when you are grey and shit on your pants

Husband: I love you

Wife: Are you sure

Husband: Of course

Wife: Prove it

Husband: Well, I'm still with you isn't it

I love you with every fart in my bowels and every yawn in my mouth
Love you forever

For your love, I will reject Cupid's sting again

To my lover, always young and never old in my eye. 
Always remain as beautiful like that, if not....
I will love you still 

I love you so much as to live for you but don't ask if I can die for you I'm not Romeo

My love for you is as deep as the ground to hell only that it is just as much hell

Even when the going gets sweet, when life is beautiful and you get all the more beautiful and younger by the second.
I'll love you still

For you, I will take an empty gun to my head and pull the trigger. 
That's how much I love you

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