Monday, 15 May 2017

15 World Peace Day Quotes

As we together celebrate peace, bloodshed and all the whatnot we did becomes past tense.
Make peace today

With the world at large, I celebrate a most fruitful world peace day
All the best

With all the lust for power, lucre and fame, nothing quite says more than peace upon the earth

I wish every one of the climes, many more years of peace and practices of tranquility.

 Peace by all and to all, I wish upon a thousand stars. 

Only by our living can we transform the heart of others towards peace. 
Happy peace day pals

It is of ours to listen to the rhythm of peace and not to the noise of wars.
We'll hear a most soothing note

Two cannot string along save by agreement and on that note, I wish even, peace to the earth and cooperation

In peace and not in pieces where the world can come together and share in oneness is the hope a day like this brings.
Happy world peace day, everyone

Peace is the beauty of love

It misgives nothing to smile truly. 
Be happy

For every time mankind choose to war, there is always a possibility of peace.
Seek peace today

Peace begins with you making in your heart, a willingness to love

Those who are given to war only learnt to hate, wet are all, regardless of whatever born to love

My hate for your hate only helps in securing hates, rather I choose to love

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