Wednesday, 31 May 2017

16 Best Father's Day Quotes

So long my pops I will love you because of all the times you stuck to us with love even when mother left us to ourselves.
Thank you dad
Love you forever

You are the best thing to have happened to us.
Happy Father's Day to you

O! happy day to the best dad in the world.
I wish you greater than this to come

Thanks dad for all that you keep on doing for us and it never seemed to you as just a job or burden but a function of your love to us, I pray you last long to reap the seeds you have sown

The yawn in my life and crease in my soul was out of pure love healed by you
Happy Father's Day dear
Thank you for loving us

I cannot mention how so a love greater than a mere father you are to me
Happy Father's Day dad

Happy Father's Day to... 
My master teacher
My mentor
My advocator
My helper
My one and only
I wish you all the best dad

Happy Father's Day to my darling husband and companion and for being the good father and loving husband you promised

Happy Father's Day to my dad
The man that can move the heavens and the earth to see his children, us, happy.

Happy Father's Day, I cannot begin to mention of all of his beautiful deeds we have shared together but all the same.
Love you pops

Happy Father's Day my dear brother, I have seen how you cherish your kids that even leaves me envious each and every time and I just want to say keep it up

A happy family necessitates a happy head and you have more than any been one
Happy Father's Day my love

Happy Father's Day to the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh for being a most wonderful father and role model to our very own kids
Love you forever

Happy Father's Day to the man that gives me delight when this day ever comes
I wish you a most beloved day 

You are not alone in your celebration today but we celebrate you for all the wonderful things you have done and I, most especially I'm forever indebted dad
Happy Father's Day

Happy day to you dad
I love you from the bottom of my heart with utmost genuineness.
May you last long for us. 

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