Wednesday, 31 May 2017

16 Family Ties Message

To my endearing family and friends.
Thanks for all the support

Love and care
Cherish every moment
And make new ones
These are them that strengthen the family

With love and compassion dear, I pray we grow more as a more united family

A most loving home of peace and not just a house is a true family

Family ties as strong strengthens the society and the country at large

A felicitous hearth and home produce happy products

Luck is not by which a happy home is made but time and love

By muchness of a heart in love and life, is love given. 
By desire to love and be loved is by which a home is strengthened

To make a better leader, make a better father, to make a better father , make a better man and to make a better man, be a better person than yesterday

Cherish your in love, this supersede all the laws of religion

No man is redeemed that made a better role model to other but is at a worst in terms with his home

Blood may be thicker than water but a but a friend who cares for you is more family than a brother who doesn't

Family is not by birth, family is by heart

The family ties is God's way of caring for humanity

A happy family is a happy country

Nothing spells true bliss than a family that loves and care for each other

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