Tuesday, 23 May 2017

16 Good Morning Message For Wife

A brightest of morning to you my friend, I hope you wake up with a start 

Every time I see you, life of sudden becomes worth living again.
Thank you for living and God most of all. 
Good morning

A healthy morning is the key to a fruitful day
Wish you a blissful morning my friend and wife

As green as the grass
As blue is the sky
And of all of nature's doing 
So is you, my lover to me, a nature
I love you so, do have a wonderful morning

Your heart is a home where even if the earth bring me toils, I will surely find peace
Good day love 

Happy morning to happy days till happy nights, I wish you
Have a wonderful day 

With your morning as beautiful as beauty can get because my day depends on you

Happy new day my love arise and shine with a glorious hue

Just by you breathing, have I found a dream come true.
So happy I found you love that fortuitous day 
Good morning 

I wish I could one of these days, pause the mornings and just watch your drama as you spin and turn in bed.
Good morning my love 

As you wish of your days, shall it turn out. 
Wish you a lovely day

It's not of my showing that you get a chance to see the sun but nature's, so is it not of negativity to bring you down but as you take it. 
Have a good morning my love, always know I'm here for you

No sooner will I wish happy days for myself than you
So don't worry and be happy
I always and will always love you

The one constant wish of mine at the late hours of night and of the morning is to see on you, a joy as bright as the sun always
Happy morning love 

I above all, wish you a lovely day ahead my love
Do take care

As long as you tarry, I am guaranteed of a love undying and as long as I live, you shall never want in love, my love
Have a lovely day today

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