Friday, 12 May 2017

16 Good Morning Text

Good morning my heart throb, arise and shine 

My most beloved of all, awake with the beauty in your face and shine with your sunlit face. 
Happy new morning 

As fresh as the fees, seeing your morning visage is my favorite image. 
Good morning my love 

I wish you all the best as you see a brand new morn as this
Good morning 

Good day my angel waking up the morning to a brilliant day

A most precious morning I wish for you all, my sweet family

As the sun descends, fire in eyes and with a glow.
Wish you a wonderful day fuelled by a burning joy

A sigh of pleasure and relaxation is all you get of life each morning as you wake
Happy new morning my friend 

A blessing like a day in disguise of a night are you as my morning 
Wish you a great day my bosom friend

I cannot be guaranteed of a love outside you as it is you that matter most.
So here's me wishing you have a wonderful day ahead
Good day my angel 

As it the glow of morning sunshine upon earth, may you never seize in splendor
Happy morning to you my friend

As the cuckoos sings the morn refrain to jolt you from sleep, I wish you a most forthcoming day ahead

With all of the bliss of a sudden rush may you rise, wishing you a better day today

You wax in all things beautiful and amazing as always.
Jolly good morning to you

A little more than the yesterday may you grow in yield each day towards perfection
Happy morning my love 

May the cries of another day from the cock cue a fecund day to you as your wont.
Happy morning to you my lover and life

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