Thursday, 18 May 2017

16 I love you quotes

Multiplied by infinity, up to the the depth of unimaginable feats and you'll see it's just a little bit of the sum of my love

Even when we were apart, you never departed from my brain

When I saw you, I knew I met my future wife

Loving you means your happiness becomes my own.

My loving you has a beginning but no end

The best things of my being human is you

"I love you”. and when I say this, I never will tire to mean it

The shape of my love is the infinity sign

I love you, not just for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you.

Even though we were far, I loved you every second my heart did sing

I love you is the song my heart drops when I see your face

Till a lifetime of eternity, I'll love you as long as the words love tarries

I will love you until I die, and should I cease to be, I’ll love you then from heaven 

If I love you now it's cause you taught me to love 

Your love is to me anyday a welcome surprise

They say 'Love is blind' but your love makes my eyes bright as daylight

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