Tuesday, 30 May 2017

16 I Miss You Message

Without you, life seems not worth living and I am hating the many days already by reason of your absence

I know God to be omniscience but you appear on every face I see 
That's how much I miss hit l your face

To the stars and back will not suffice to say how I miss you so

If telling you these words will make for anything, then know that I miss you with every morsel of my heart

The cheapest thing I ever said was lying to myself that I could care less when you are gone because right now I care to just see that your special face again

I wish fate had been kinder, then I would have love to see you more

You are the best and worst thing to happen to me 
Best being when you are around and worst when you are away

I can only hope you know how miserable you make me when you chose to go but without me. 

The love I have for you is my biggest bane in that it causes me to miss you like an addiction

As long as time goes by and I am without you.
It's get lonely to have to go another day again

My day becomes so predictable when I have to wake each day to miss you till the night again and then the continuum continues

I cannot promise you'll see me as you left me, but I can promise that I'll be alright with you back

I miss you now because I cannot go on without you but because I choose not to

Missing you everyday of my life like I miss the summer by winter

You make it easier when life gets hard. 
Unlucky me to be without my lucky charm then
Please come back babe

You are all the best part of me and when I have to go on without you, it seems like a part of me is missing and better still, the best part

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