Saturday, 6 May 2017

16 Positive Marriage Quotes

When the sky is grey
When the world was black
And my visage is pale
I'm always happy in the knowledge that I still have you

You make me feel better, my love when you grace me with the presence of your bliss

Being with you will always be the one thing I'll forever cherish all my life

You are the threshold of true love 

Knowing you'll forever remain in my heart gives me the assurance of a love forever undying

One can get the chance of a thousand luck all by a depth of gaze upon your face my love

You make me feel like life is impossible without you

The flooding of waterfalls of love is what down-poured on me, the day you gave me your yes

My testimony is the one true one of having tested honey the by knowing you

My heart is evermore indebted knowing you live and that I am forever by you, loved

I love you much more than anything life throws at me can cause me to dispute

You are the spark that makes those butterflies churn in my stomach

You change my day when I catch your face in the crowd

Without you, my sweet sentinel and belle, what life can I have

You see everything I can ever need in a wife

I searched a long while but the day I saw you, I was disappointed because you met all the hopes I searched in a woman and proved to be more

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