Tuesday, 23 May 2017

16 Religious Wedding Message Anniversary

A tale not of two but two that has since been one continues. 
Tarry on with bliss my friends
Happy wedding anniversary

I wish you all a blissful wedding anniversary with God as the center of it all

Make sure to dance the azonto and Ètįgí dance of joy today my friend
It's your day

No one if not you two deserve a day like this after all you've been true and still standing
Happy anniversary my pals

My friend, although not in presence but in my thoughts you are as you celebrate a fulfilling life with your spouse
Happy anniversary

It's tradition that on this day, 25 years of marriage, I should like to see my most favorite couple and be regaled in their journey so far but nonetheless I am with you all the same and wish you more lovely years
Happy anniversary

Having you my love has made my life worth all the hassle
Happy anniversary my dame 

You are the ideal couple to look up to and today as you gain the spotlight, it's my turn to give advice and it's no less than
That the two of you live forever together in joy. 
Happy anniversary big bro and your beautiful wife

I wish us my sweet dame, a most fortuitous period to come and in Holy Matrimony

I wish you, my IDOL in marriage, more bliss as the former days and even more.
Happy anniversary dear 

I fear too much to attain a love like yours because filling those shoes are the hardest thing to do because you guys have truly lived an exemplary life indeed
Happy anniversary

Nothing compares to you two and in this day, you have not cease to amaze me in how to keep a love as true and pure. 
Happy anniversary

For a love as pure and unstained in novelty, I really appreciate you too for this privilege to have you as a Model for true love
Happy anniversary 

Feliz aniversario amigo
It means Happy anniversary my friend
Wish you all the best that life can give

When others faked a seeming bliss at their own detriment, you guys faced the fears and overcame your issues and it's for those reasons I am celebrating you today
Happy anniversary my loves

I wouldn't wish a better wish guy for you two except that you tarry on in joy together forever.
Happy anniversary

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