Friday, 12 May 2017

17 Nice Words Messages And SMS

I wish you all the niceties in life as you reach a new age of life, my dear

You give me wings that makes me soar over my limits

You are the nicest thing that ever happened to my dear life

Of all the nicest things in life, you stand to me as number one

Everything else is bleak to me but you, you make the worst things of life, pretty good and nice

With you my love, I can never go amiss

With your love, there's no limitation possible 

No matter what everything else might seem, having you around allays my fears

Nothing compares to living with an angel, I know that because with you, I have one

I love you so much that the only thing that matters to me is is having you beside

I promise you my love, my heart shall always be your shelter

Your words are to me as magical as magic is

When I am with you, so long I am always beside an army

I love love for loving me enough to give me a lover as you.
Thanks my love

You makes it easier for me when life gets hard

My culture and way of life is you. 

You give me a joy unmatched and undeniable
Thanks love

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