Thursday, 18 May 2017

19 Monday Quotes

Monday must be an highfalutin and pompous lad who like lauding himself over everyone else

If Monday was a beautiful woman, I'll give her a potion like Sleeping Beauty for the rest of her life

Nothing compares not even the slightest, to the hate I have for Monday

If Mondays never exist, I'll always be my happiest

Monday is like a math problem.
With so many unable to discern it's drudgery

The world need to be rid of Monday by inculcating it amongst the holidays

The more I breathe out the freedom of Weekends, the more I never wish to see Monday again 

Mondays are the bump in the road to life.

Mondays should be renamed 'mundane day'
Monday is itself miracle having that much hate and yet living

52 times a year and I get to see you, please Monday can you just not come up again 

Rather than spending my day wishing Monday away, I would rather Monday never showed

If there must be a break in life, I wish a break from Mondays

Nothing tells a sadder tale than the cock crow Monday morning

Monday is just a reminder that nothing good last

If each day was a blessing, Monday is less of it

It is always a pleasure to have you as always Mr Monday because I could never ask for a better death

Monday, can you please hide your face and let Tuesday show for once in your life

How painful it is knowing that one day of my week overrides the 6 days of the rest

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