Tuesday, 30 May 2017

20 10th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Happy 10th year anniversary to my dear love. 
I wish us more happier years to come

I pray that even as the both of us celebrate this day of joy, 
We shall not have other reason to cry
Happy 10 years of living with the one I chose from my heart

From the first to today, the 10th year you've shown that with you, I'm guaranteed to be loved
Thanks my love and happy anniversary

If I say I love you not more than gold.
I lie because your love in me has no equal
Happy 10 year anniversary my darling

From that weakened child to a toddler learning to love and now flying without wings.
This is how our love has grown through the ages
Happy anniversary to us love

Happy anniversary dear for being through all the rough patches with me and then staying to weather them out

In love and not out forever will I be with you as long as I breathe, my truest love
Happy anniversary to you

I love you so much more now that I see that you have stood with me when others left
Happy anniversary dear

My love, I know in these 10 years t I've told lies but none beats the truth that you are the best thing to ever happen to me 
Happy anniversary dear 

Happy 10 year anniversary my dear princess
I pray we see many more years of bliss to come

Marriage, yes, gets boring but being with that one person you know is worth all of it, it makes it more appealing
Happy 10 year anniversary dear

You make it all worth the while, you being you is the best thing to me
Happy 10th anniversary my beautiful wife

I trust that love has found us both as fated and I hope in love that we forever be
Happy 10th year anniversary

I cannot have lived with an angel this long and not soar with open wings beyond the bounds of limitations, my love 
I love you, happy anniversary to us

Happy 10th anniversary to the lover of my soul
The stars in my night and 
The grace in my disgrace 
Happy anniversary to my most beloved wife

Happy anniversary my love, 
As though the first five years was not enough an additional five with you couldn't have been better.
Love you lots

I live to love you even for 10 more years to come
Happy 10th anniversary my beautiful baby 

My love for you will never cease as breath, I still have in my nostrils
Happy 10 years together

My love will never have a like on this earth because you and I are meant to be
Happy anniversary to the bright side of beautiful.
My lovely wife

I cannot begin to express how wonderful this 10 yeas have been but knowing that I still have you, I hope for even better memories to be made
Happy 10th year anniversary my darling husband

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