Tuesday, 30 May 2017

20 40th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Happy 40 years of being together with my true love

Happy 40th anniversary my dear sis, I wish you blessed moment of joy filled with many more bliss to come

I wish you all the blessings that comes with being the joyous day as today
Happy anniversary dear love

I love you my mum and dad with all of all of me and I wish you the greatest joy in life.
Happy 40 years together

Being 40 years on earth is no small feat and being with each other that amount of years is a thing to celebrate.

I cannot but pray that you last even more years together my friends
Happy 40 years of love

It's a proof of true love, you two joined as one even till death shall do you part as you once promised in the presence of everyone you hold dear.
Happy 40 years anniversary dear

Happy 40th anniversary to the most beautiful marriage ever by two people I ever witnessed

Happy anniversary dear love to you two, I hope you get to see even more happy years to worrying days to come

Happy anniversary to you, my pal from way back, I must confess I never thought you guys will be until this day but the fact that you remain till now is a proof that true love is not some myth told in tales
Happy 40 years together love

Happy 40 years anniversary to the one and only forever young couple I ever saw
I wish you all the joy in the world

I still feel the novelty of that very day in your life by the love you show and I can tell that this your love has more years to go
Happy anniversary dear

Happy 40 years of doing all this together.
Waking up to the lover of my life
Love you my princess

I love you dear and I wish you two to have the best of today as you have had these past 40 years

Happy 40 years anniversary my friends, seeing the home you have built fills me with awe that I can only hope to replicate.

It's such a beauty celebrating the two of you today, wish you a blissful 40th year together

My ma and pa, I pray that this be not the last celebration for ask of us that love you.
Happy 40 years anniversary

This day, you two have been the epitome of true love never before seen to have a held a most lovely relationship amidst the hardest times.
Happy 40 years anniversary to you

Happy 40th anniversary to you my most beautiful couple. 
I wish you the best of joy to come even still

Before I had come to know you two, I had despaired on true love and seeing you two I hope you continue to shine bright as a beacon of hope
Happy 40 years anniversary to you

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