Tuesday, 30 May 2017

20 50th Year Wedding Anniversary

The crease in your face more than anything tell of your sacrifice and compromise and they make me love you more
Happy 50 years of togetherness

My love, marrying you was the best decision I ever made.
Happy 50 years of growing in love

When the dregs was settled from the real substance, I was glad that this day 50years ago, I fell for you
Happy anniversary dear

Being all year long with one person has always been my greatest fear I'm marriage but knowing you two have washed away that fear and given me hope of true love
Happy 50th year love

It is unlike any other couple to have been through these trying times together and spend it in hope of days as this when the whole world will say
Happy 50 years together.
I love you so much more for all you are to me

Happy anniversary to the couple of couples that makes marriage look as sweet for the generations to come

A jolly good anniversary to my old man and his lovely wife, mother
Happy 50th anniversary to you both from the bottom of my heart 

Happy anniversary to the lover of my life and refuelling of my bliss
Happy 50th year anniversary

Happy anniversary to you both dear, 
I have watched you two become and even grandparent and still never lose the love that brought you tightly together
Happy 50 years together dear

Happy anniversary to my beloved friends as they wine in bliss of the yesteryears and even of today
Wish you all the best

My happiness and joy goes out to the happiest ones today which above all have ran their course of true love
Happy 50 year anniversary

My greatest bounty by fate is your love which I am undeserving of
Love you my love
Happy 50th year anniversary to you

Happy 50th anniversary grandma and grandpa. 
I only wish I had witness you two in your prime as even now your love is strong, it would have been a privilege

True love never falters to find fitting hearts to merge as it did you two. 
Happy 50th anniversary dear

Happy 50th year to the lovers that's are best with age and never age to love

Happy 50th anniversary to you my mates.
I wish you both a splendid lover day together regaled in each other's comfort

50 years is no small number and having seen through it all, 
Who better to turn to in terms when marriages are seemingly fleeting these days
I wish you more joy anyways
Happy anniversary

Happy anniversary to you both my lovely grandparents
I can only wish for more strength towards the latter days
Love you both

Have a wonderful day ma and pa, it's your day to be joyful after the years of bliss.
Wish you more 50 years

Happy 50 years of immanent bliss evident in your mien today my lovely parents. 
Here's from your darling child to you

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