Tuesday, 30 May 2017

20 Christian Wedding Message

May your union be rifed with special memories you will forever love

I know that as God has brought you two together, nothing shall bring you apart
Happy wedding day 

Congratulations on tying the knot together.
I cannot tell the depth of my happiness for you two.
Wish you all the best in life.

What a blessing, two heart united as one to forever live happily after.
Congratulation, Lots of love

Heartfelt love to you loving heart dear.
Wish you an unending love together

As the saint shall marry you together upon the altar, I pray your love be as strong as the promises made upon that day that sealed you together.

Nothing shall stand against this union, this I know to be true as Christ lives
Happy wedding day love

From me your father in the Lord you. 
I pray that God in his infinite omniscience keep you as he had brought you together.

As this new found bliss and purpose of love has hit you two, I pray nothing stands in your way of joy l
Happy wedding and lover's day

This new purpose locking you up to live not as two anymore but together.
I pray that it sees you through it all and in Christ
Happy wedding day 

I hope you two include Christ along the way too and your joy will be sure. 
Happy wedding day

Do not forget to hold God high as he is the founder of this union that you both will come to share
Happy married life

Happy married life and in love to this beautiful couple.
I sanctify this sacred union in God's name. 

Happy wedding life to you both dear. 
May the grace of God see your wedding through it all. 

Happy and felicitous wedding day to you both dear.
I pray by God that this be the start of a more sweeter chapter to come

I wish you both a fun filled adventure as Mr and Mrs and above all, a walk with God in this union
Happy married life

Best wishes on a long, gospel disseminating and joyful years together.

May God grant you both the grace to see the hard times through because they shall surely come, trust me from a married man but with Him,(God) you'll break through
Happy wedding life dear

I cannot hope anything for you two as a couple but that you last in God as he is the captain of true happiness and love
Happy wedding life

To my dear sister, I wish you and your husband a blissful home, rife with joy, seasoned with grace, prosperity in plenitude and above all, a happy long years together
May God grant you all you desire in a man in him, your new husband. 

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