Tuesday, 23 May 2017

20 Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Sister

I wish you, my lovely sister, joy as you continue on this embarkment of life
Happy anniversary

Regardless, I'll always see you as my baby sister no matter what and I'm glad you are happy
Happy anniversary, dearest love

My dear big sis, more than anything, you being in a relationship where peace reigns has been a model for me to learn from you. 
Thanks and happy anniversary

To you and your darling faithful husband, I wish you more blissful years to come
Happy anniversary to you

My sister, it's like twas but yesterday we were together and you were my baby girl that I always had to take care of but now you having a home to keep and children has no doubt helped you grow to the woman you now are
Happy anniversary to my ever little sister

To my precious sister and her joyful home
Happy anniversary to you

I cannot wish a better form than the shape of a smile and upon that I wish you, my beautiful sister, a good and wonder filled home filled with laughter and joy 
Happy anniversary

Seeing you happy always makes me understand why I need a family
Happy anniversary my dear sis

I've been working all hard to see fit for me, a girl as you worthy for wife, dear sis but you are just too special
Happy anniversary dear 

I wish you sis, the best things in life including the best for your hubby. 
Wish you more years to come

Nothing matters to me than that you are happy at you promised to be with a genuine one
Happy anniversary love

You and mama are and always will be my first love.
Happy anniversary to my most beloved sister and her dear husband 

Here's to you and your darling family, sis
Happy anniversary

To the woman I'll always love
To the heavens in earthly form as her
To the most caring woman in the world
I am so envious that your spouse took you from us but with all truth in my heart.
I congratulate you
Happy anniversary my dear sis

It's a privilege to have lived all those years with you and learn a lot because without a family you became my all
Happy anniversary dear sister

My dad
My mum
My caretaker
My all in one
O! my lovely sister
I wish you a lovely anniversary today

You took all my burden all on you my sister and never once complained add though you mothered me yourself
I'm so happy to be your family
Happy anniversary my dear sis

Most especially for that lucky man, and he better treat you right, ELSE! 
Anyways sis, happy anniversary
Have a blast

You pull me up from the bottom and with care at your new home are now experiencing with you. 
I wish you the best of best

You are the bomb, sis. 
It's no wonder your husband always leaves home that joyous. 
I always knew you'd make the perfect spouse.
Happy anniversary to the best thing to have happened to me. 
My little sister
Wish you happiness

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