Tuesday, 23 May 2017

20 Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Parents

It's a known truth that a unhealthy and unhappy home produces same products and with the kind of fruits you've, both of you brought, I can't say it's not on the model of you two I found my woman 
Happy anniversary dear mum and dad

Having you two growing up and teaching me the do's and don't of a man and a woman for a better home has really brought out the best in me
Happy anniversary to me

My dear mum and dad
To the best couple that ever lived 
Happy anniversary dear

Telling me of your tales from the olden times has been ecstatic to know how you met and continue in love still

To my darling parent and teacher, happy anniversary to you

Teaching us the benefits of the African culture and how to not plagiarize others but heed to ours and live in love of the family system has proven to be the bedrock of the family I'm now building
Thanks my dear parent
And happy anniversary

Happy anniversary to the most beautiful marriage ever on earth
Happy anniversary to you my parent

To the couple that cannot do without each other and thrive in their love for each other and lays that foundation to me too
Happy anniversary to you my parent

I wish you, my sweet parent a most fecund anniversary on the continuation of your bliss
Happier years to come 

I could wish you a happy anniversary but happier is it because you are happy as you already 
Happy anniversary my sweet and loving parent

To the couple that knows no old age and still love each other as it is the first day
Happy anniversary to you

I wish you happiness and most of all more love, mama
And Papa, I want you to treat mama with even more love than before.
As always, Happy anniversary

Wish you the best mama and Papa
You grow to become all the more happier than you are, is my prayer even though seeing you, I wonder how happier can you get
Happy anniversary my dear parent

Happy anniversary to you mum and dad 
See you on the other side of marital bliss when I tie the knot too

You two are the best thing to have happened to me and the this earth on the value and all you've given
Happy anniversary to my loves

You may not have imparted to the world at large but you two are my world and having imparted on me, you've have imparted on the world the same
Happy birthday to you both

I hope all the more you age with the best things of life all your remaining days mama and pops.
Happy anniversary dear

You are the epitome of long and ecstatic marital bliss and I hope to emulate you my dear parent
Happy anniversary

Happy anniversary to the lover of my life
My parent, I hope you fulfill all that as a couple you both have individually and even as a couple
Love you lots, you both

I can write a thesis on all I've learnt from you two because of all you taught me and which I've grown thereby but truly you are all the best things in my life
Happy anniversary to me beloved parent

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