Wednesday, 31 May 2017

20 Wedding card Message

I wish you a most wonderful day ahead as you emerge on this new point in life

Happy married life to you my love, wish you happy nuptials

Happy anniversary my love, I hope you get to live the rest of your life together in utmost joy

Nothing shall tame this joy that you both will get to know from this day

As you both have taken on this new journey in life. 
I wish you all the best

You have taken this bold step towards a new journey and I cannot but wish that you have more felicitous years ahead
Happy anniversary love

My dear, I wish you both joy upon joy, victory upon victory today and tomorrow, evermore
Happy new journey to bliss

Congratulations to the flawless I've ever seen.
Congratulation to you.

From the moment you both say I do.
I wish you a merry long years of immanent bliss. 
Happy married life

With the confetti, trousseau, tuxedos and all whatnots rife in the celebration as you become one, I pray it is not the end of something beautiful.
Happy married life dear

Through every time and every  kind of jollity married life has to offer.
I wish you both a double portion.

Whatever condiments required for a happy home, I wish you all of that and even the best of all.
Happy married life

May the sting of cupid never stop hitting you from now till death.
Happy married life dear

Congratulations!Your wedding day may come and go, but may your love forever grow. Congratulations to the perfect couple

Through the rain and storms, I pray your love for each other never wane

I pray your love for one another be not as mount Vesuvius but be strong forever and always

Here's me wishing you both joy and togetherness on this joyful day.

Congratulations on finding true love you both.

I pray that the best times of this sweet union are ahead

I pray this be the start of forever.
Love you

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