Tuesday, 23 May 2017

20 What To Say In A Wedding Card

Wishing you a lovely union with your most beloved bride

Best wishes to you as you step onto a new journey of life

May your love never grow cold or old

May you not be lost for words to the right one-
wishing you both love 

I wish you my friend above all, joy and happiness

You get the best of all you may wish in life.
I wish you so

I promise you that you have made the right decision because I know you always do
Happy wedding day

I will be there seeing the confetti all up in the air and reeling our bachelor times together spent my friend 
Happy wedding day

More than you may know, I hope tiff find the joy you always searched

Congratulations my friend
I wish you a happy day henceforth

Nothing shall compare to the joy that awaits you

Wish you all the best in love, my friend

Your life is now a blank as two becomes one.
I hope you love this new picture

You are all the bliss anyone can ever seek
Love you lots, friend

My deepest congratulation my friend
Have a long year filled with love and joy

Although I would miss our single times, happy wedding day my pal

My heart in truth goes to you in taking this bold step, I wish you happiness

I know it is no small thing to settle down with one lady but I trust that you making the decision will be the best you ever did
Happy wedding day 

Happy and felicitous day to you, wish you all the love you'll need for matrimonial bliss

I am so happy for my most optimistic guy I know and I wish it all turns to joy and pure bliss. 
Wish you all the best

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