Tuesday, 23 May 2017

21 25th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

5*5 and you guys make it look like one
Happy anniversary to you both

I would that all the days be as sweet for you both as you lived the first twenty years together

Gawd! that no joke
I really from the bottom of my heart wish you all the best
Happy anniversary

I think of love and I see you two, you are really incredible
Happy anniversary to you both

You are my role model and everything a happy home needs
Happy anniversary my dear 

The epitome of a beautiful home is what you two have built and I pray that you grow more in strength
Happy anniversary

You are just in your first quartile
Sir and Ma
Don't worry, you still have an extra quartile together and even more
Happy anniversary to my role model

To mum and dad
25 years together and still standing
I say a beautiful cheers to you
Happy anniversary

Happy anniversary to the two lovers that makes the story of Romeo and Juliet seems dull
Happy anniversary to you two

This is a union blessed by God evident by the years.
Happy anniversary

With joy together all these years you both just cut it as the perfect kind on the world of happy home.
Happy anniversary to you

Others just spend years together but never in joy and you two have defined a long joyful years together
Happy anniversary to you

25 years!!! 
To that I raise a toast
Happy anniversary to the most beautiful couple I'm the world

Where the world these days celebrate divorce like marriage is a joke, it's a real breather to have you both for a change and better still for 25 years!!! 
Happy anniversary

To everyone who hears this, you are everything a couple should strive to wish to become and I really hope I do too
Happy anniversary dear

You two are just the best solution to the filth that parades in marriage this days.
I wish you two the best of the best. 
Happy anniversary 

Having you two as the kind of couples filling the earth would have made better families, hence better society and hence better world at large.
But alas, anyways
Happy anniversary my dearest loves

To the most selfless, most beautiful, most fecund and most path-laying couple that ever lived, I wish you 25 more years as you have lived and in bliss multiplied. 
Happy sweet anniversary to you

Never than you imagine, you both have taught me what to yearn in true love and most importantly, how to keep it.
Happy 25 year anniversary to the two that taught me all I know about love

My love for you two starts and ends with eternity because you two, my lovely parent are just what I hoped in a parent.
And I promise to model my home by you and let your legacy keep on even in the minds of my posterity
Happy anniversary dear mum and dad

I couldn't have hoped to have had a love else, if I find one as you two.
Happy 25 year anniversary to the never-aging-two-lovers I know
Wish you all the best of joy in life

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