Wednesday, 31 May 2017

21 Marriage Quotes

I married an angel now I am flying without wings

Fairy tale to me is real because I found you

Being together with the woman of my dreams brought me the sweetest of reality that dream itself do come true

You are my truest happiness

I fell in love with you and now life is like a dream

You are my dream come true

You are the reason Cupid hit me that very day

Standing and being lost to time how our love story began,
O! my love, there's not a thing I'll change

It's your love that makes me scoff at the very words "impossible"

I love you because unlike others lasses, you came through the touch of true love sting and that was how I knew it was you

The day I saw you, my heart told to my brain
"There she is"

You are too me an impossibility made possible for me as a bride

You are all there is to wish in a bride

My love for you as long as I breathe shall never wane as the morning sun

If by some hypothetical reason, my love for you cease to be, I'll have met my end that very day because your love is my sustenance

You give me a future that no one else promised and it's why I chose you

I love you better than the sea loves to kiss the shore my lovely wife

As long as death doesn't stay us apart, my love for you will never depart

Marriage to others may be some fleeting thing but to me is this
That so long as we are joined as one, we live, ride and die together no matter what

Like Venus and Adonis, my love will follow you beyond the rings in your hands and beyond death itself

The love I have for you shall always be and by God shall never be lost
Love you my sweetheart

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