Wednesday, 31 May 2017

21 Wedding Congratulation Messages

Congratulations to the most beautiful bride and groom ever lived

I wish you marital bliss this day as you attain a new status
Happy wedding day, my role models

I wish you above all, most blissful years ahead.

As you are both professed, Man and Wife today, 
I cannot but pray that unlike other couple, you last.
Happy wedding day

May you both grow in love with one to the other even more as it is today.
Happy wedding friends

I wish you the best of love, life and bliss friends.
Happy wedding day

I know that both of you have made the best decision of your life today and I know  you'll not regret it for any sake because as a third party I've seen the two of you grown from just friends to this beautiful relationship and I must say that I am proud
Happy wedding day 

It's such a good day to know that true love has been given the chance to express itself by this union today
Happy wedding day love

I wish the both of you, my friends all the best a union can give and even more in life and love
Happy wedding day 

I cannot begin to say of the many things I hoard in my heart to celebrate you two today but knowing you guys have been a most educating point of my life regarding love. 
I wish you both, happy married life forever

All I can say today from the bottom of my heart is that
May the duo of you last till death do you part

You are both of you, written in the stars and I'm not surprised that this day you have chosen to tie the knot
Happy wedding day my pals

May you have no cause to think that both of you apart is best
Wish you all the best

Experiencing this day is the best thing I have seen in years and will forever remain with me. 
Happy wedding day dear

Indeed it is a day of pure bliss watch her walk down that aisle and you in those happy tears.
You must be feeling on cloud nine right now
Happy wedding day love

I pray your union be stationed in the hands of God and forever in his safety, it is found
Happy wedding day lovers 

With trousseau and tuxedos all over the place and smiling faces, it really was a happy day and I pray the joy of the day be just as you shall experience together
Happy wedding day friend

It's marriage and not wedding that I hope you two will be successful in and I hope you get to achieve all of the dreams you ever had. 
Happy wedding day nonetheless

Happy wedding day bro. 
I cannot avow the growth I've seen in you but from the first, I knew you had met a bride in her
Happy wedding day my bro

Happy wedding day to the two lovers from way before time
I wish you both a blissful home together in the making

This is the marriage of true minds that think alike and on that sake, I know you'll both be happy
Happy wedding day dear mates

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