Wednesday, 17 May 2017

3 Love Poem

By love your flaws, I will condone
By heart, your name my brain will own
By all of my body and soul
And my judgement that you stole
With all of my strength and might
Through the darkest night
I am with you, ever going to stand
For your love's a magical wand
A grace that from above came
An angel in the hew of a dame
My precious dulcimer
And my heart other

With you, I feel heaven
Ten times, my haven
To ever love you long
A love ever strong

My fruition
The true mention
Of my heart call
That holds me thrall
Like a sailor and the sea
To ever want to see you
Like a sea and the shore
To ever wish to kiss you
Like the shore hugs the tallest dune
To hold you festoon
O! my lover, like water and plant
For your love has my want
As long as I pant 
For your love is like fuel to my heart
And as long as I sate in it
My joy is evermore yours to make

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