Wednesday, 17 May 2017

6 Love Light

I loved, love, and will love only you
As you are the force that awakens my heart
The grace that graces my love
The strength that strengthens my might
What are you more?

All day, my pillar and post
My wind on my sail
You are the reason I reason
Fuelling my every wishes
For love holds my will

Shalewa mi
Áyó mi
The joy nothing can destroy
With you I can never be coy
My lover and friend
My starting, my end

They say love is blind
But as long as you are in my mind
I have no need of eyes
For your love in me never dies

What is sweeter of life without you 
What is anything if you are wanting
My beautiful princess
My forever and always
My yesterday, my today

Please never leave me alone
For you are fated as my own
And your love I will never loan
Because in it I have found love light shone

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