Wednesday, 17 May 2017

7 Draught from love

Draw from my heart
Like Cupid draws his bow
Stint not on thy love
As mine for you shall never

My love, love me not in part
But the better part of your heart 
For in your love, is where I find myself

Stoke from ember to fire
Your love like a pyre
Fuel the pump of your love
That in bliss always proves
That we may both of us, love always

You and me
I and you
With love between
And joy serene

The queen of my heart
Come and on my place, sit
The throne to my heart
Where exists no other

In the muchness of your love
Fill me with your grace
Your beautiful face 
Whence I may know the heavenly places

For in your eyes are plain, the angels soar
And in you is a backdoor to happy heaven

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