Wednesday, 17 May 2017

7 In You

In your eyes, I trust
To shine as the stars thus
Bright like brightsome morning
For in them, I wake alive

In your words, I hope
Like the words of religious text
That from your lips confess love to me
I fall in love a thousand times back

In your touch, alive I come 
Like a masseuse hand
To kill all my distress
Such is how potent your love stand
Like therapy to my soul

In your beauty, I yield
To give myself to you
All of me for all of you
For I love you with all I have

In your heart, is my abode
And your heartbeat, my song
That when I hear a throb
Sweet songs never before played, sings

In you, is my future wife
The all of my life
That help best my strife

O! my lover, this is all your are and more
For pages would lie to tell how many
That I love you so
For my love for you has beginning but no end

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