Wednesday, 17 May 2017

7 Real love

Every ounce of my might
Of path and course
From light to night
For better or worse

Every inch of my heart
To spend in loving you
My wholly self not of part
Through all of it through

O! if tis loving you to spend my last
Desolation upon the earth and sky
Then shall you be my last repast
Of kisses and touches afore I die

A flame but without a fire
A smoke but no source sourced
So is my fiery desire
Loving on a replay with no pause

My loving lover books my fate
My princess, lover and life
That nothing betters that by God, create
My one true dame and wife

Slipping on the edge
You brought me back
Belay on your hinge
Back from the dark

Know my love has a name
And its by you, my dame
Better than fortune or fame
For my love for you is real, no game

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