Wednesday, 17 May 2017

7 You and I Both

Like a sailor gone to sea
To be without your face to see
Each night we say bye
I miss to see your eye

Like a landlord of ownershipI yearn to own your lovely face
To every day dwell in the place
Where your beauteous body lie

All day and night
To have my fill of you
Your mouthful kisses
And smooth touches
That fulfils my senses
Up to an apogee of bliss

Like carbohydrate
You fuel me with energy
Like strong wine to taste
You make me drunk in love of you

Like the belly of a new mother
You lighten the load of my breast
With love you alone can give
That like answered prayers to me
I know your love is all I can ever need

To know all while
That while seeking far
That you were always by my beside
Loving me when I faltered
By my bedside and my side

So by whatever day or night
Will I love you with all my might

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