Tuesday, 16 May 2017

8 Love Poem

See beneath you

Your heart is a depth
Where all else you put away
To attain your heart is a height
Where differs as heaven to earth
Never to have you for your love

Like a fortress about
You put all else without
Your heart's like the horizon
To see but never to own
Stand tall like a redoubt

Against your heart, a fray, you fight
The brain and the heart at discord

I knocked and call
That your wall may fall
And with a wrecking ball
To cast your front to pall

Let me see you for you
To love you as due
And my you-ward my love spew
Let me see into you
Take off your facade

For in love, faithful shall I
Prove my worth
To love you with a love unbeknown before

O! Let me see in between your mask
That I may love you with all of my heart

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