Wednesday, 17 May 2017

9 Funny Love Messages To Her

Though Valentine is when I have to spend.
But you are worth every nick and dime

If wishes were tortoise, I will wait for it even if its a hundred years to get to you. 
Although you will then be old

If love is a fart, then I want to hold it in till it pains and that pain disappears

If love is an uphill climb or a spiral stairs hard to get to, then I will take the elevator and get to it too love you

I can liken our love to a fart, it feels relieved to let it show but when allowed, it pains others so

Your love to me is like Romeo and Juliet although I would rather live not die

You are the green light in me when everything else stops

If your love to me is a paper, the beauty of it will fill the spaces in it

I love you not only to share all of my heart with you but even the awkward moments of shared farts

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