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22 I Will Miss You Quotes

I know how hard it must be to miss you but I don't know if I'll be able to be without you for that long.

Before the new day should come and you should go, It will really be a hard time for me but nonetheless goodbye in advance

Not knowing was better when I didn't have to worry about you leaving tomorrow because now miss you even when you are here

I can't help to think I'll have to wake up, look to my right tomorrow and not see you. 
I will miss you so much dear 

Like a child misses her blanket at night, I miss you even when you are still here but I miss you still hoping I will miss you less when you finally go

I will miss our days together friend, when it was so carefree and jovial now you leaving is surely going to be the biggest bane of my life. 

I will miss you my love , I know we have no hope of being a thing again but I will miss you still

I don't know how it feels missing someone so special but I fear that with you gone I will have to tread that path soon

Congratulation dear ex on finally throwing me to the lane of jilted men. 
I really want to hate you but all I do each day is miss you

I only wish we can have more time together before the gloomy dark cloud your eyes and ferry you yonder.
I will miss you dear

The cold weather may come and I'll miss the sun, the night too and I'll even pray for it and the my belly may churn and I'll pray for food but never will I miss them as I will you

I'll miss you, I know I've told a thousand lie but this is the truth because I'm miss you so much

I wish I could lie and say, to hell with you and that I don't care what you do with yourself but the truth is I care still for you and I will miss you so

I know in my heart of hearts you still love me, it's just that ego got the better of us, I will miss you my love

It's going to be hard putting all of the pieces together, where I went wrong and where we lost it but I will miss you dear, take care of you

I dare say I will miss you because I have lost all pride knowing you could want out of a love I thought was the best thing to ever happen to two of us, unfortunately it's was a one sided love

Congratulation my dear, I love that you have made a decision to leave us but still I rue that you'll be leaving soon

Goodbyes are never easy to tell but I dare say goodbye now. 
I will miss our times together

I'll miss us together my dear, Adieu my dear

Goodbye my belle I guess I should learn to say before the tomorrow knells.

Farewells are never easy to say, my love, but I never thought I'd be saying it and so quick.
But I will miss you and that's for sure

I miss you even now that you are with us and it's because you have chosen to despair even before death calls. 
I will miss you my love

21 Congratulations to Boss For Achievement

To a boss that is celebrating an achievement, what better way to be the perfect staff than sending a little bit of congratulatory message than this. 

Congratulations to Boss For Achievement

Congratulations on your big announcement sir, I was not the least surprised you got the award and I am happy that we as a group keep thriving many thanks to you.

May your success keep speaking for you amidst many more.
Congratulation on proving your worth time and again. 

With hardwork , painstaking devotion, undeterred spirit, I say congratulation for everything.

You have more than anyone impacted to my life more virtues I may think of because of your congenital spirit. 
Congratulation on never relenting. 

I really celebrate you and congratulate you on your award sir, and on behalf of all of us your staff, we wish you more to come. 

Thank you boss for everything and I am most elated that you keep winning which seems the only option for you as a person.
Congratulation sir

What you have achieved and will achieve, I pray that I can one day follow in your steps sir. 
Congratulation sir

Congratulations on your new achievement.
From whatever standpoint you truly make us proud as a boss and I am happy to learn beside someone like you. 

That you are ascribe for more despite having more is the mentality that you will get you more. 
Congratulation sir on teaching and living by this. 
It's been a privilege to work with you. 

As more projects get the added with new ones. 
I congratulate you sir for the bulk of the success is due to you. 

Congratulation on your new achievement boss, 
You truly are setting new grounds as you have proven that anyone else can.
May your career blossom even more hereon out. 

I pray that the unrelenting effort you put towards getting an unrivaled success rub on me too as your employee.
Congratulation sir on once again being the best. 

You are always the boss not by title but proving it times and again that you are a leader, congrats sir  you even more in your career. Congratulations! 

We, your employees would like you to know that you have redefined what an employer-employee by your many wonderful attributes. 
Congratulation Sir on everything.

You are the epitome of a modern Oliver Twist sir, because in the good light of it you truly make a good example of us to follow. 
Congratulation on your recent achievement sir. 

Because you have shown us as the role model to us in this job that there is no limit to what someone can achieve, thanks sir and congratulation.

I'm once again happy sir, that you have been recognized as the best thing to ever happen in this field of study. 
Congratulation for hoisting the flag high, sir.

It's such a passion of mine, working whilst knowing that in the realms of possibilities, my dreams are achievable because of your encouraging life. 
Congratulations sir and thanks for being an inspiration

Congratulations on this wonderful achievement sir.
I am happy that you do not relent still despite the array of accolades in your name.

We are so happy to celebrate you sir on your newest achievement.
May you continue to win the many awards still.

May this huge success not deter you to keep pressing for more.
Congratulation sir, for time and again, you have made an achievement worthy to be emulated

22 Congratulation Messages For Retirement

To a special someone and retiree, here's how to ink a beautiful message to them in having the best things one can ever hope for post-retirement

Congratulation Messages For Retirement

My ever sturdy and nimble dad, I know if it were left to your own devices you'll not even want to do away with office but at the bright side of things I celebrate you on 35years of service. 
Congratulation dad

Congratulation sir, I, more than anyone in the world wish you a happy times post working days.
Congratulation on all you've achieved.

I pray you adjust to the new routine as quick and to thrive even better
Wish you well on your retirement

I pray for longer life to relax after that about of years devoted to office work. 
Congratulation on your retirement

Congratulation dad, I wish you a wealthy amount of time and years still after this retirement
Love you

Congratulation sir, we really are going to miss you in the office but in behalf of everyone, I wish you well with long life and more prosperity

I wish you all the best, my dear and I pray for strength my dear husband, congratulation on your retirement

We are happy that we should have you more at home with us more as it gladdens us although how hard is it is for you because of your love for your job but on the bright side, Congratulation on your retirement

Congratulation on finally passing the torch old friend, I will always remember our early 80's when we started our, it's a pity our bones should fail us. 
Congratulation although on your retirement

Congratulation my dear aunt on finally retiring, I hope you see the perks of it to rest and get to enjoy more time to yourself. 
Love you

Dear Uncle, a big congratulation on your retirement, may life be slow to retire you and may you leave longer years from now. 

I wish you dear Mummy the bright beams of peace that comes with a fulfilled life post retirement. 

Congratulation sir I wish you all and more you may ever wish yourself. 
Better years ahead post retirement, Amen

I pray that you have a wonderful and peaceful environment where you can enjoy your post retirement days.

Congratulation to your retiring and on your hardworking days, I hope that your legacy at the office will be a path followed by future ones.
I say Thanks for everything

Happy to follow in your footsteps sir one day to retire a fulfilled man

You truly lived an exemplary academician and role model and I am happy and sad at the same time we'll lose a figure like you. 
Congratulation on your retirement

Nothing brings me more joy father than that you should retire a happy and fulfilled man that you are. 

Congratulation on all that matters to you, although you should retire, it's long overdue your dedication to your job. 
Wish you all the best

Congratulation to your retirement and I pray that post retirement may be just as fruitful as before retirement.
We wish you all the best sir

Congratulation my big brother on retiring, I'm happy for your immediate family and us too, we pray for your success even though it should be be outside the job

Make some investments
Relax for a long time
Enjoy the day
And be in the company of your loved ones. 
I wish you dad, all the best post retirement

21 Congratulation Messages For Engagement

The coming together of two hearts made one is something special and beautiful and something like needs to be congratulated. 
Here's just that.

Congratulation Messages For Engagement

Congratulation to you, my dear sister, I know this day has always been your dream and I pray may the steam of love never grow cold in marriage still. 
Happy engagement to you

They say all is fair in love and war, I wish you fairness in love and may you both find love not war in a happy home together even from today your engagement day. 
Congratulation my friend

Congratulation to the best of friend I ever knew, I pray that for whatever a reason, there will be no reason to regret your decision to be betrothed today. 

Congratulation on this happy day, as beautiful as a butterfly on a birds tweet may your marriage be. 
Congratulation my dear brother

Congratulation on finally finding the perfect girl for you, I am positive that you would be happy because your ideals of love is second to none. 
Congratulation my friend

Congratulation my dear brother, I am happy you have made yourself a man and  the Single club.
Congratulations my small bro

Congratulations my son, I and your mum has been well with so much tear of joy for your even before now since announcing you have found a girl you wish to marry, I want to say I'm proud of you. 

Many a woman which children outside wedlock or before marriage, but you my daughter have made not just me proud but all of us for for keeping yourself this long. 
Congratulations on being engaged

Congratulations on finally having for yourself a wife to be, I'm very happy for you brother and may you find happiness too. 
Wish you the best

Congratulations my lovely friend, I was moved to disbelief hearing you are engaged now because I have always known you to be a hardcore single-loving kind of person. 
That lady must really be special. 

Congratulations to my best of friend, I am happy you have brought it upon you to make this bold step. 
Congratulation on your engagement my friend

If I didn't know better I would say you must have seen the heavens through this lady you are with because I know how solemn your idea to life is, it is really good to see you now engaged. 
Congratulations on such a special day for you, my friend

Congratulations on finding the woman you have chose to spend the rest of your life with. 
I wish you ask the best

Congratulations my dear cousin on your engagement, although I cannot begin to bring myself to congratulate you enough but with all my heart and, congratulation and may you find joy and all happiness, Amen

I am utterly elated for you, my dear sister, I hope you find so cause for joy and forever I'm happier than today. 
Congratulations on your engagement

Congratulations on getting engaged, I hope the ring of your engagement may prove a bond to love than a shackle. 
Wish you both the best

Congratulations my dear friend, I pray that heaven may suffer you joy in this matrimony you are soon to enter. 

Congratulations on being engaged my dear, I wish you all the best of luck in life and may your happiness be too much to contain as you are to be wedded.

Congratulations my son, I pray for you, all joy to you and to forever may no cause cause you to jilt this marriage you are too enter soon. 

Congratulation my son, soon as marriage calls may you find boon and blessings in it forever. 
Congratulations on your engagement

Congratulations on being engaged may dear daughter, I only pray that you find all that you wish of life in your togetherness and pledge of forever to your husband. 

20 Congratulation messages for Christening

A thing as Sacred as Christening deserves the attention of your message and what better list is there than this 

Congratulation messages for Christening

Congratulations on your christening, may the Lord Jesus stir your soul in his light hereon
Wish you the best

Congratulation my prince, I know how much this means to you and I am happy you are now christened. 

Congratulation my little brother, although I want you to know that baptism by mere water is nothing without that of the spirit. 
Nontheless, I wish you all the best

Thank you for acceding to being christened my fear son, I am as happy as father for this cause. 

Congratulation may son that with all of this, more is the baptism of the Holy Spirit himself worthy. 
Congratulation on your christening though

I usher you my friend to a light of Christ and may his blood wash you clean my son. 

Congratulations my dearest boy on taking this big step as a Christian and for yourself, being christened

A new name
A new birth
A new person 
I pray the Holy Spirit on which is the true baptism, bring about your new person.

Congratulations my lovely friend, I am happy for you and upon everything God himself is happy to welcome you to the people of Christ. 

Congratulation my dearest son, no love is as compared to that of Christ Jesus himself and on the day he, himself was baptized and accepted, I pray may the Lord Jesus Christ go with you even from now on

Congratulations my friend, I pray that your communication as a man born anew be worthy of the person you now are. 
Congrats on your christening

Congratulations on being christened, it's a very nice thing and I'm joyed you have now taken it upon yourself.

Congratulation my dear on your christening, I wish you all and more you wish yourself on this new birth you now claim by Christ.

Congratulation my lovely sister, I am happy for you and with everything I am glad to say you have made me the happiest of person to see you my daughter take the plunge and rise as a new woman in Christ

Congratulation dearest friend, I heard the wonderful tidings of your christening to the body of Christ so I say a big congrats to you.
Wish you the best

Congratulations my lovely cousin, I am happy to know you've now been christened. 
Welcome to the body of Christ and congratulations

Congratulations my friend, I wish you the best of luck in life, may the relationship you build with Christ our Lord be efffectual, Amen

Congratulation my friend, it's what you have done today, a truly behoved thing that may the Lord Jesus Christ find a home in you now more than ever. 

Congratulation my friend, I say a happy relationship with Christ may this bring as you dwell I'm the light of his halo. 
Congratulation dear

Even though I should say to you my nephew that having to be Christ's is by the baptism is the Holy Spirit, I am happy for you today.
Congratulations on your christening

21 Congratulation Wishes For Doctorate or PHD

On attaining something as worthy as a doctorate degree, PhD, a worthy message of congratulation to that lucky one and what better way than this list of messages. 

Congratulation Wishes For Doctorate or PHD

I am happy and proud of you, my son that despite, you are never prideful but modest in your achievements which I am sure will see you go far. 
Congratulation our dear doctorate.

For all the hard work, determination, sacrifice s and now the goal. 
Congratulation on your degree, my dear fiance as your joy is mine too 

Congratulation on your degree, I heard your dissertation was the best and profound in it's delivery.
I wish you all the best, doctor

Congratulations on your success, it's truly a tiding of joy and I wish you great success in the labour market as his boost your chances. 
Love you dear husband

Congratulations. It's rather rare young chap like yourself to toll the line you followed in your dissertation but I must commend it because it proved you are daring.
Best wishes my friend

It is such joy that a doctorate has ensued from this clan. 
Congratulation my son first making us ask proud 

Well done my doctor and cousin, I heard you finally got your doctorate degree, I am really proud of you. 
More to come, Amen

You being the best of your set and finally attaining your PhD is something to be proud of. 
All the best in your field. 

I wish that in pursuance of your bigger goals, may they become more attainable now than ever. 
Congratulation on reaching your desired end

You have proven yourself undeterred and ready in the face of adversity and it's what has landed you your PhD degree. 
Congratulation my dear son 

We wish you all the luck and success in life, from your little bro and on behalf of everyone at home, I say
Congratulation dear doctor of philosophy

Congratulations on breaking   and setting new tracks everywhere you tread.
All the best.

It is no small thing to obtain a PhD as evident the small amount of people that attain it. 

Congratulations my son,  you've since your younger days hoisted the flag that bears our family ensign and even now yourself. 
I wish you more brains and more grounds to break in addition to your PhD. 

You always strike to me as a a nerd not in a bad sense especially as it has helped you as a brainy person that you are. 
Congratulation on your PhD, doctor

Never could anyone had endured what your went through and have this to prove as victory over his background. 
Congratulation doctor on your PhD

You have done it as the first to obtain his doctorate PhD of our clique.
Congratulation my dear friend

I hope that well fitting brain of yours fraught with ingenuity and behind those geeky glasses that never stop bringing you accolades. 
Congratulation on your PhD, Sir

I pray for longer years for you to enjoy all this that you have laboured for. 
Congratulation on your PhD degree

I trust more than ever those brains of yours shall be to use to let the world sing your name one day because you are a true genius. 
Congratulation on your PhD friend.

The sound of your name is already a cause of envy as it goes before you. 
Congratulations and best wishes on your PhD, doctor

22 Congratulation Messages To Colleagues For New Job

Congratulation to you, I guess I can call your an ex-coworker, I hope you find and get all that caused to leave this job in the first place. 
Good luck

Congrats dear friend, I hope that you a ambience that is just as good and workable.
I wish you luck in your new job

If you should ask me friend, I'd wish you stayed but since you've thought it to go, I pray you have all the best one can think of. 
Congratulations on your new job dear

Congratulations on having for yourself a new job and I hope the pay is good too. 
We'll miss you in the office although you had to leave. 

I know it was expedient you left but if only things had gone different in the office even that it's past now. 
Congratulations on finding a job as soon friend. 

I'm so happy for you my friend that you are now employed with a job after leaving us, congratulations on your engagement back to work. 
Wish your all the best

Congratulation my friend, as a man I know this job must have brought back that sense of fulfilment back to you after leaving us. 
Congratulation on your new job man

Congratulation my pal, I'm so happy for you, I pray you find happiness in your new job and wish you a six figure amount. LOL

I pray my friend that by God, you may keep this job longer than you did with us and climb that rung higher for promotion even. 

Congratulation my best friend, I am rife with pure ecstasy know you got the job at last, we really missed your at the office but things happen at best. 

To you my friend and by the behest of all of us, your ex coworkers, we say a big congratulation on your new job

Congratulation my dear friend, I know how hard it must have been, the search but I am happy it's behind now
Congrats on your new job

Congratulation my lovely friend and sister from another mother, I cannot express enough together with all of us your ex-colleague, the joy of hearing you are now with a new job. 
Congratulation on your attaining it dear

I'm glad you pulled through on this, it must be a happy time to your household as a man without a job can be a frustrating thing.
Congratulation on getting back behind a desk

Congratulation my friend, I must say I'm happy for you being back at work. 
Congratulations and wish you proficiency and luck also. 

I wish you my dear friend, a happier time in your new job, auspiciousness and the best to come. 

Cheers to many more happy tidings to share and to your job, I wish you promotion and favor.

Congratulation my dearest, I just want to say I'm glad that you have found yourself a new employment and nothing can be more worthy for a married man our of job for months, I am sincerely happy for you. 

Congratulation my friend, may you find in this new job, willingness to work, learn, share grow and better pay, let me not forget that.
Congratulation all the same, I wish you the best

It's so hard a man like you with perseverance, hardworking, industrious and focused would stay out of a job for long. 
Thanks for proving me right and welcome to a new job. 

Very sage what you friend did, applying for a new job with better pay and attaining it before you quit here, I must say I'm impressed by you.
Congratulation on that and cheers to your wisdom.

21 I Miss You More Quotes

To that person that you miss more than you can express. 
Why don't you just tell them how much more as cited in these...... 

I Miss You More Quotes

I miss you more than words can help heal the truth in my heart which is that I miss you so much

I miss you more than anything else this darn world may give

I miss you so much my love and I dare say without you life is no more than a empty space

I miss you more than a the earth miss the glowing brightness of the sun at night

If only you were dead but now that you are alive and it seems like you dead because I miss you and can't see you

I miss you so much more than I thought I would and now that you are gone I really wish I gave you one more kiss

I miss you so much my love and need I say more because your absence is the death of me

If at all, the very best thing about missing you is that I have you to miss but still I feel more weekend each day without you

I really miss you and even more than I could imagine because each passing day it worsens and I can't live in this penance without you

I wish I had all that is sensible enough to miss you less but nothing beats you too me and I end missing you more

I really miss you with all of my heart more than a mother hen misses her lost chick

I miss you more a than a shepherd misses to hear the neighs of his lost sheep

I really miss and each time I try to lie and hide it, I miss you more

I miss you so bad that it wouldn't seem life is baseless without you

I miss you so much than a still sea misses the gales that blow to set it into motion

I miss you with all of me so much than a worried wife misses her husband gone to war

I am so missing you that I I dread to think life go on with me missing you each second that passes

I miss you much more than a river misses to kiss a shore

I miss you more than a prisoner misses the scent of freedom for a numbered years

I miss you so much more than a mother misses her dead son

I'm so moist in the bespatter of loneliness missing you more than a airplane misses the sky

21 Missing You Like Crazy Quotes

Missing that special person in your life, and you would want to tell them how crazy their absence has made you

Missing You Like Crazy Quotes

I miss you more than anything I have ever missed before, I hope it's not just me because I'm going crazy missing you

Your voice, your smile, your touch, I miss them so much and I'm crazy each second the clock hand change

I wish you were here to damn me no more and make me no longer seem as though I were crazy by missing you

I miss you so much, words will pale to say how much because I miss you like crazy

I for one can't wait to get a chance to see you again because I miss you with every morsel of my sanity

I really miss you dear that it seems I gradually lose it everyday without you

I am so wishing you are right here by my side because the way I miss you it's like I can stay clear headed without you

Maniacal and without a shred of sanity, you make me as though no different from a mad man in wait for you with each passing second that waste away
Please come home dear

I miss every bit of you, it would seem without you, I can be balanced I'm the ahead

I miss you so much more than I miss daylight after a long dark night

I hope one day I'll have to oust this maddening feeling of being gaga hoping up l you'll return

I miss you like crazy so much I think I'm would lose my head if I continue to do without you

I really don't want to be so mushy now and stuff but I really am losing it having to miss you as I do

I miss you much more than any sane reason can help me write now to do away with your thoughts

I really miss that I feel one more day and might verge on craziness if you tarry.
Please come back baby

I miss you and I'm crazy in love with you each day that adds to every day that pass without you

I miss you so much that it burden my brain of all other reasoning because of thinking about you

You make me go crazy so much that I miss you with all the very least of my soul

I am so missing you, life would seem a crazy void without you in it

I miss you and I wish you'll be here again to help me return my sanity because since you left I've thrown all coherence to the bin

20 Missed You Quotes

That special someone that just got back and they just have to know how much you miss them when they were gone. 
Here's just what to say

Missed You Quotes

I know I should just forget it since you are back but I can't help to tell you that I was so miserable when you left

Thank you for ending my tenure of sleepless nights waiting for you by coming back home baby

I really missed you like crazy, I'm so happy I could get back to my state of normalcy

I'm so happy love and should have tarried, I despair to think life would have had the better of me

I missed you so much my dear, welcome back to my arms

Thank you for ending my insomniac maniacal spree of lonely nights. 
Welcome back

I really missed you like that scent of spring that heretofore was gone

I missed you too much thank you for coming back home baby

I missed you so much that I never want to miss you again because missing you is the greatest penance I can ever face in life and even after.

I'm so happy my letter got you coming back home to my arms pronto because I would have gone crazy one more day

I really missed you and even though the distance separated you you were always in my head and heart

I missed you so much my dear, life was nothing without you and it got me thinking, I don't want to part earth before you

It's true what they say that absence makes fonder the heart because you never seemed more lovelier than now my love

I missed you so bad my love, thank you for running back home to me and ending this fated punishment of your absence

I missed you especially when I knew I shouldn't see you for months and tiff coming back unexpected is like a beautiful shower of warm rain in winter

I missed you my love and when life was hard because you left, the thought of this day, seeing you again was my go-to for hope

They say less is much, I guess after all this months of seeing you less have made me realize your importance of how much more you are to me

I really missed you darling, thank you for the blessings of your presence today

I missed you so much and you being here is like nothing else before this even matter at all

I really missed your smile and seeing it now reminds me of why I never want us to part again