Saturday, 3 June 2017

15 I miss you message

I miss you so much more than I ever let show but just know that I miss you so

I miss my baby girl, and I cannot do without your love

When I am with you, it's like I never want to be without you. 
I love you that much

There's no loving or living without you

It tugs at my heart strings knowing I live my days these days without you

You are all of my life and without you is life seemingly lost 

You give me purpose and with you is no purpose

My love for you is the only thing that makes sense amidst the hardest days and when I am without you, it all looks lost

Your love is the one thing that allays my fears in times like this and now without you is seems all lost

I miss you my dear and all I can do is stare and the moon and make known my plea in vain

If for some reason, I get to know how to make it out of this times, it'll be my greatest miracle because the hardest thing is to live my life without you

I miss you so much everyday than I miss you yesterday

If for any inconvenience caused, it's that you have stirred a war in my heart, making me too miss you like crazy

I miss you so much that I cannot wait to see your fair visage even before the morning

Like the heavens missing the sun before it comes, I miss you so much my love, the sun in my sky

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