Saturday, 3 June 2017

15 Smile Message

To see you smile is the best thing to lighten my day

There's no looking beyond you for me to have a most fecund day filled with smiles

I love you so much my love because you make me smile like no one else can

You are the blessings in my life and the smile in my pain

Pry into my heart and by your love,will you see my joyful state
Thanks my dear

You are all of all of me that makes me smile

So long as love remains with me, it is for that you gave it
Thanks for making me feel happy

I blush just by seeing you happy and smile because you are my happiness

Smiling to me comes easy because you make me happy always

Nothing compares to being with the lover of my life at all times making me joyous 

Thanks for giving me a reason to smile

Your love gives me that kind of ambience that makes loving all too easy to flow with joyousness and beauty

As long as I have you, the hardest time will I shrug off because you make me smile like never before

You are my reason and my cause to always be happy

My love for you will and always be the only cause I'll never have the cause to not smile

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