Saturday, 3 June 2017

15 Vow Renewal Congratulation Messages

Congratulation to you two on this blissful renewal of the day she had stride that aisle and you watched her in perfect bliss, wish you both the best

I send my utmost love to you both on renewing your sacred vow before God and Man and I pray still that nothing keeps you asunder

O, my friends, I celebrate with you today and every other day that you shall joy on this respect in renewing your vows again

I joy every day for you two and seeing as you have, both of you made this choice, I celebrate you even more
Happy wedding renewal

I pray you get to experience more joy even here on out by all you lay your hearts to and to one another.
Happy vow renewal

I wish you both bliss by the number today, happy wedding day again dear

Happy wedding renewal by pals, I pray you both blossom in the girth of each other's arm

Happy wedding renewal you two. 
I cannot wish you better than I have on the day you both thought it first time to tie the knot l
Happy wedding renewal dear

Happy wedding renewal to the loveliest couple ever lived. 
I wish you both a most wonderful time ahead

As the both of you acquiesced to renew before the Saints and all your loved ones this day, I pray you get the best of it all. 
Happy day to you two

I wish you both immense joy even to come and beautiful moment yet traversed

Happy wedding day to you and ask the best things in life, I pray you get. 
Happy wedding day

Happy wedding renewal dear lover's. 
Wish you both the best of marriage renewal in Jesus name

Happy wedding renewal dear friend and to your darling husband
I pray that this decision as you have made prove to be the best one you'll ever make.

By no small speck of fate, I pray your shall, both of you live a ambience of peace and joy even from here on out till the end of your lives
Happy wedding renewal my beautiful friends

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