Saturday, 3 June 2017

16 Congratulation Message for Job Confirmation

I cannot congratulate you enough dear on this journey of life, I wish you the best things to come

I wish and congratulate you enough on this job and hope you get to work in a peaceful ambience with your co-workers

May you have a wonderful workplace where you are loved and respected by even your boss

I congratulate you on this grail finally found.
May God be with you

From where you are to where you will be, I hope that this job be a stepping stone to that end. 

I congratulate you on your new job because it signifies a transition to being a man

I wish you all the luck and courage you will need to as you start your job tomorrow

Tomorrow, I pray may it be as beautiful as beautiful gets as you work with pride on your newly attained job

Congratulations to you my dame, wish you the best of things yet to come

I cannot express my joy enough regarding the attainment of this job you just got but all the same thing I wish you all the best

All the best in life dear, I wish you get to soar in perfect bliss forever as you progress in your job

Congratulations dear, I pray you get the best of things to come in this job and that luck may run on your side

I pray for you that even as early as now, promotion, bliss, joy and happiness shall be as yours and not to mention that you shall find favor in your boss' eye

I congratulate you my brother on this opportunity to put food on your table
Wish you so the best

Congratulations dear, I pray you get all you wish for in this job and that it also gets exciting

Happy job attainment to you love, I love you even more for this. 
Wish you all the best

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