Saturday, 3 June 2017

16 Wedding Anniversary Congratulations Wishes

To your vows of togetherness as you have both of you keep until now, I pray God grant you both the strength to see through all of the trying years together and forever.
Wish you the best as you clock plus one together 

Here's to you both to now and forever
Wish you the best of wedding anniversary

To you two lovebirds, I pray you never lack on the blissful side of things in marriage as you become strengthened again in the lord.
All the best

Happy married life and I hope you both get the best of the beautiful things in marriage life

Happy wedding anniversary my sweet parent, I pray that for all of our sake you celebrate more of this year to come

Happy anniversary to my lovely friend and adviser as he clocks plus one in his most wonderful marriage with his lovely wife

Happy wedding anniversary my princess
May you get all that you ever wish in life and even more to come in togetherness forever 

As you both have stayed this long in truth of heart, you have not only done well but proven that you know the works of togetherness and the importance of vows
Happy wedding anniversary dear

Happy wedding anniversary to my one and only beautiful parent who I celebrate with all sincerity in my heart as an exemplary model to my moving to the next step in my life
Thank you mum and dad

To my grandma and grandpa, you are a proof that true love never fails and I use this medium today to say
Happy wedding anniversary

Happy wedding anniversary to my lovely aunt and her beautiful husband, I pray that you continue to experience the bliss of a happy family.
Love you lots

Happy wedding day again and I pray that you both have this ceremony till the last of your breath

Happy wedding anniversary dear. 
I cannot wish you enough of myself and ask that loves you dear but know that we all wish you the best.
Love you all

Happy wedding anniversary my lovely wife, you are the reason why I can celebrate this day today.
Thanks for everything

Wedding anniversaries, you two has given great disclaimer to the fact that it is just one of the days to reflect on your first years together because you guys have consistently made beautiful memories and it's a proof of your still beautiful as relationship
Happy wedding anniversary dear

Happy wedding anniversary to the two most loving couple in the world that is never ashamed to show of their love for each other
Love you too much

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