Monday, 12 June 2017

19 Congratulation Message For Retirement

Here is the perfect and diplomatic way of bidding a retiree, goodbye to office matters.

A list to help you say just as your wish to but don't know how

Congratulation Message For Retirement

Congratulation dear friend, I knew from the first moment that you would make a fine example for all of us and I dread a day like this when you would be leaving. 
All the same, I congratulate you for who you are and for everything.

Unlike those elderly retiree that really retires and to bed, I congratulate you for you are still your active you as always. 
Take care pops

Congratulation my friend on 35 years of doggedness and on finally retiring.
I wish you all the best 

I congratulate you my old friend, to think I even despaired you would ever retire because of the kind of person you are. 
Congratulation all the same

Congratulation my boss on retiring, you truly are a good man and we are all of us going to miss you. 

Congratulation my dear friend, I praise you so much on your personal achievements and successes hard to let pass by. 
I pray you get the best of life after retirement

Happy retirement I wish you dear uncle, I pray you be happy especially after leaving the job you have pained yourself for over decades. 
Wish you the best

Congratulation my dear papa on retirement, now it's time for us to devote ourselves to taking care of you, so just relax and enjoy

It is as it is, a happy times for us all to celebrate you not that old age has forced your retirement but for the sake that you alone had chose it because even till now you have the strength of a hundred man. 
Congratulation papa, we love you so

Congratulation my dear father, we all of us, your children hope that you are happy and wish you a wonderful rest of your beautiful life with hale and heartiness to forever

Congratulation my ever nimble father on your retirement, from your darling daughter and all your children, we wish you the best

Congratulation my pops, I pray that upon your retire, may you even grow in wisdom and strength to be the man you will always be. 
A hood father
And a leader

I am so happy and I congratulate you my dad, especially now as you will regale us with those your stories of your more younger days when you were on top of your game m
I love you dad.

Congrats my dear father on being retired, it is a good thing to finally have a time to yourself and enjoy being attended to after having to attend to us all this time.

I am so happy for you my lovely father on your retirement, congratulation on this milestone on fulfilling all you ever wished for at least to my knowledge

It is really appointed a time for all things and I am so happy as it is now your time to be retired because I see it on the bright side as a good thing where we get to shower you with the love you have shown us.
Thanks my dear papa

Congratulation my dear father on retirement, we cannot but do this little for you than celebrate you for everything you achieved at the office. 
Take care

To the best father and boss in the world, I say congratulations on finally passing the torch on your painful retirement, but congrats all the same pops

Congratulation my dear friend for all you have done and even more I am so happy that you have laid a footstep for others like me to follow. 
Thanks boss

Thank you for being the man that you are and an absolutely determined one at that, it's a sad thing you have to be retired as it is always bound but your legacy in this office lives. 
Congratulation my boss

Congratulation on being the one person who has shown himself credible, reliable and persistent and hardworking, if I had my way, you'll always be with us in this office but alas, a big congratulation to you sir on retirement and even better things to come.

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