Thursday, 1 June 2017

20 20th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

As you both clock 20 in unity of true love, I pray that your love grows even for the better tomorrow
Happy wedding anniversary

Nothing says true love than spending this amount of time with just one lady and never flitting
Happy anniversary to us love

I'm so envious of you two, having these years together can only be in dreams. 
Happy anniversary dear

I hope you both shall last as long and even than the night
Happy anniversary my dear 

You both are everything true love is defined by.
Happy anniversary dear

As you are having a field day of joy today celebrating this day 20 years ago when you both met, my heart rejoice with you too and I wished you ask the best 

No temptation strong nor emptiness shall break you part
Wish you a lovely anniversary and 20 more years

Nothing compared to the sweetness of love celebration as you two are doing and I'm happy to have lived to see true love through you two 

Love is a Captain of the heart and stirrer of man's act as evident by you two
Happy 20th anniversary dear

20 years and counting, I pray you grow to the measure of outstanding bliss. 
Happy anniversary

Having fun in the beach, going out to enjoy the day or simply spending it with two of you as though alone in the world.
I wish you anyways
Happy 20th year anniversary

I pray that you both may never cease in true love as is yours 
Happy anniversary to my most beloved couple

Have at all the bliss in the world because it's what I wish for you
Happy anniversary dear 
Wish you all the best

Nothing in this world matters as true love when it comes, you just know it is here and having found and living in it, I pray you that you treasure it even more till death do you part
Happy 20th year anniversary

Happy 20th anniversary to my dear parent who gave it all and stayed even in the hard times because they just want to create the perfect ambience for my growth and now even as your love is solidified by that
I wish your many more years to come in joy

As a well wisher and genuine friend and watching you both through the years, it's been a privilege to have seen you through it all and also learn
Happy 20th year anniversary

Having ran through the gamut of emotions and never ceasing in love's cause still.
I wish you even more 20 years to come
Happy anniversary

Above all, I wish you both
To love and love and love upon more love
Happy 20th year anniversary dear

To the both of you and your darling family you've built over the years, I wish you the best of life. 
Happy 20th year anniversary 

I wish you a felicitous and happy 20 years my friends. 
May you have no cause to mourn your days together
From the bottom of my heart
Happy anniversary once more

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