Thursday, 1 June 2017

20 60th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Happy anniversary, Grandma and Grandpa, I wish you both a splendid year of life

I wish I was there to wish you both, this personally but from the bottom of my heart, I say
Happy anniversary dear

Being regaled by your lovely tale as you both are wont to tell, I wish to just be with you this moment but all the same.
Happy anniversary to you

Because you have truly defiled the odds being together all this years.
To that I say
Happy anniversary my dear grand parent

I cannot fathom the sacrifices, the hopes, the pain, the overcoming and all you two have been through these years and still standing. 
For that, I only revere you more for it all. 
Happy anniversary my old friends

I pray you grow in love by the sexiness in your relationship the more. LOL
Love you more grandma and grandpa
Have a lovely anniversary today

I wish you above all else, a most fortuitous remaining of your days on earth dear friends
Happy anniversary

My dear friends, 
I am so happy that unlike many couples today, you should clock 60years together as this is a proof of true love
Happy anniversary love

Happy anniversary to the ones that can tell you the story of their 16's and 18's than anyone else and smile like it was yesterday
Happy anniversary dear 

Happy anniversary my loves, and I hope you will make the best of the day. 

Happy anniversary to my old time pal. 
I wish you this day above all, a wonderful life more together

As the both of you still have many years, I wish you both many happy returns
Happy birthday 

Happy 60 years anniversary 
Love you lots, you both as you live even more years to come in bliss
Happy anniversary to you

Happy anniversary to my most favorite grandparent and I hope you get to live more years in bliss.
Probably more 60 years
Happy anniversary

Nothing beats growing old with a true lover of yours and I pray you get more years together
Happy anniversary friends,
It's not a joke when I think it is 60 years and you guys still tarry together

I cannot say the same of couples, all that I can say of you two, dear friends
Happy anniversary to you

Above all, I wish you the best of life can give. 
Happy anniversary my dear parent
60 years, WOW!!! 

My mother and father, 
To the ones who have served their cause of true love. 
Happy 60th anniversary to you

I wish all of whatever you wish for a better year ahead and even more to come in bliss.
Happy anniversary dear sister and your darling husband.

60 years is no small thing to joke with and being without the same woman all those years must have had mixed feelings but staying through regardless of the temptations and all whatnots is truly the definition of truest love 
Happy anniversary my dear grandparent

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