Monday, 12 June 2017

20 Belated Engagement Congratulation Wishes

You have for some reason failed to congratulate the couple that are newly engaged.

But here's how to be diplomatic about it and congratulate them still 

Belated Engagement Congratulation Wishes

I cannot fathom how you will feel knowing I have failed to congratulate you on this height of your love story but I bid you forgive my late congratulation.
I wish you lovers all the best

Happy belated engagement to you my long time friend and your husband, I am so happy for the two of you. 
Thank you my dear

Happy belated engagement my friend, I congratulate you on this happy feat of yours. 
Love you

To my lovely sister, I am so sorry this is coming late but I wish you still a happy engagement.
Love you

It is better late than never my dear and I wish you still a happy engagement to you both

Happy belated engagement my love and sister, I pray that you get the best of all things good I'm this decision to be engaged.
With love, your brother

My bestest of friends(LOL), I celebrate you on this height of matrimony as you have chosen to indulge in, I pray you be happy forever and forgive for the late hours of my wishes

To you my dear sister I wish you although belated, a happy engagement

My love and life, you, my dear sister although belated, I wish you the happiest of days together as you have chosen the man of your dreams.
Have a blissful engagement

I wish you my darling friend, a happy engagement to your lovely fiance, please do not be angry at the time it is coming

I am so sorry and I ashamed I should be hearing this news for the first time dear.
My dear friend, I am so happy for you and I pray you be happy forever.
Happy engagement

Happy engagement albeit by a late time it should come, I wish you the happiest of marriage

I pray that, your happiness may be the priority of the man with whom you have sworn love to. 
Happy belated engagement love

Happy belated engagement my friend, I wish that your your happiness not be cut short by the spouse you have chosen 
Love you

To my lovely cousin, I am so elated and joyed to the brim that you have made us proud, we that love you, although late. 
I wish you a happy engagement dear

Happy engagement my dear and pay no mind to my just congratulating you but with all my heart, I congratulate you on your engagement.
Enjoy your engagement while it last till you shall bear a new surname.

Have a wonderful engagement my friend, I cannot explain how I felt hearing you being engaged.
Now although it is long overdue, happy belated engagement

Happy engagement my friend, I wish you a happy engagement for my wishes for you is not dependent on time because although late, it shall come true.

Happy engagement my lovely friend, I wish you both, with your husband to be, a happy engagement and even if belated, may you have all your dreams come true

Happy belated engagement my lovely friend, although behindhand, may you have a wonderful wedding to come and marriage to forever

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