Thursday, 8 June 2017

20 Congratulation Message For Baby Shower

To a newly born and the mother, you sit and think of words to congratulate them and you are at a loss. Well, here's a list to help you with the issue:

Congratulation Message For Baby Shower

Congratulation my lovely son and to your family, with gift bearing in my hands and a joyful heart, I celebrate you and your child.
Happy baby shower dear

I extol God for given me the grace today for holding my Grandson in my arms.
Happy baby shower my daughter

Happy and Jolly beautiful baby shower it is indeed my friend, I wish you even more babies to come

My love and life, I cannot congratulate you enough on our first child, I also wish our baby a brilliant baby shower with lots of gifts by all that holds him dear
Congratulation once more

Congratulation to you, my brother and your house on a lovely baby shower
Hip Hip Hooray

Congratulation my dear friend, with all of us that love you and has been praying for this blessing in your favor all year in marriage
We wish you a blissful baby shower

O! what a splendor of a baby shower like a regal child she is, happy baby shower little one

My son to you and your wife on behalf of everyone from this end, have a blast of a baby shower

I wish you all a beautiful baby shower and I pray that as many gifts you shall receive shall not be the end of God's own gift to bless you with more beautiful children to come

Congratulation my son and to your wife, I wish you a wonderful baby shower in love of all of us that has been praying for this blessing for you. 

Congratulation my friend, trust us your friends to come and celebrate with you and spray money like its confetti because in all seriousness we know how await this day is. 
Happy baby shower my best friend

Happy baby shower my love and life, I wish you get the best of things to come more as God had blessed you, may he continue to.
Love you lots

Happy baby shower to the beautiful baby of my friend,
I hope that makes me an uncle now
I wish he grows in the stature and statute of the love his parents, you and your lovely wife have shown
Wish you three the best

Happy baby shower my dear, I pray that success be the outcome of it and in the growth of your child

Happy baby shower my princess, I, your mum am my proudest today that the girl I brought into this world has now grown to the lady that aided another beautiful girl into the world too. 
Wish you all the best my dear

I come bearing gifts my dear, do expect me and my household to celebrate with you. 
Happy baby shower

With all of all of our hearts, in honor of my family, I hope you accept this token as we are pained that distance will keep us from attending but all the same.
Happy baby shower

Happy baby shower my dear, with love we all celebrate you and with our gifts for your darling and dainty little kid.
Happy baby shower

Happy baby shower, my uncle, I am so happy for you and to that lucky child that will grow into your beautiful home
Love from me

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