Wednesday, 7 June 2017

20 Congratulation Message For Bridal Shower

Just before the gaieties of weddings that you should wish the bride a beautiful bridal shower to be had. Here's a list of must-have words to use

20 Congratulation Message For Bridal Shower

Congratulation my damsel, I pray that on soon becoming one, as successful as the bridal shower went, nothing shall rent us to two again even in marriage

Congratulation my children in the Lord, as I will stand to join you as one.
I celebrate you in a beautiful bridal shower
May you be one in peace and love

Congratulation on the beautiful and well structured bridal shower you had
Wish you the best to come

As many successful bridal shower you choose to have, nothing beats having a lovely marriage.
Happy bridal shower love

My lovely daughter, I wish you a wonderful bridal shower and trust me to get you the best of things as gifts because you have fulfilled my dreams of seeing my daughter wedded in the Lord
Thanks my love

Thanks my children, I shower you with my love with material and non material things and I celebrate you. 
Happy celebration

Happy bridal shower my beautiful son
I'm proud of you and as your lovely wife will be having her day today .
I celebrate you two
Take care of her very well o

Congratulation on a successful bridal shower.
May success ensue to cause and follow you two to a blissful marriage.

Happy bridal shower my love and my life. 
You deserve every possible gift I can give to you because you are worth more than anything
Love you

Love you my sweetheart, I wish you all the best as you gather with friends today and receive the gifts they offer, I offer more than anything my love, my life and my self
I wish you the best

I wish you all the best things of life, and beyond the things and gifts I should give, I wish you the best married life you can have
Have a blissful marriage

Happy bridal shower sister, it's like yesterday you still gave orders at home and now you are to do same but in another home
Wish your lucky man all the best 

Happy bridal shower my daughter and for all of us that love you with all the gift of our hearts, we celebrate you
Have a wonderful celebration

I cannot wait to tie my gélê and buba to dance to the world and let them know my daughter is soon to her husband's home as wife. 
I am happy for you my lovely daughter
Happy bridal shower dear

O! what a beautiful day of unfeigned joy to see you as though of regal birth in a splendid bridal shower

Happy bridal shower my daughter, I, your father am at my proudest today 
Happy bridal shower

Happy bridal shower my coz. 
I am coming to shower with gifts of happiness
Wish you love

Happy bridal shower my dear, congratulation on this step onto matrimony

Happy bridal shower love
Say me well to your husband and I send my gifts in abundance
Wish you both love 

Happy bridal shower my friend, trust me your friend to not miss a day like this to get you the nicest things on this most special day of your life
Love you

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