Wednesday, 28 June 2017

20 Congratulation Messages For Facebook

Just saying congratulation many times more don't seem enough most times and this is just how to say it when congratulating someone on facebook.

Congratulation Messages For Facebook

Congratulation on making the cut amongst the first lost dear
Wish you the best

Congratulation dear friend on your engagement, I am most especially happy for you. 
I pray that you will be happy. Amen

Congratulation my dear, I heard you got a promotion, after years in the office I was already in despair and finally comes. 
Thank God

Congratulation my girl on graduating, I'm happy for you and your friends the best. 

My lady, I congratulate you on your giving birth to the most beautiful daughter ever. 
I am happy and a proud husband and now father. 

Congratulation my son, I must confess you surprised me when you emerged from the polls as the winner. 
I wish you only forwardness from here on out. 
Good luck

Congratulation my friend, I am happy you carry the weight of your family like a man as I have thought you, congratulation on the addition to your family and I pray it becomes the first of things to come

I am grateful to God for all he has done for this family and I have hope that you, my son will even mount to greater height than this. 
Congratulation on graduating from school dear

I am happy my daughter that you have wasted no time post-college in getting a job as this shows your maturity instead of basking in the novelty of it. 
Congratulation dear

Congratulation my friends and family for everything, you bring me joy and happiness and I am happy that you should recognize me and most of all to my wife on this day of our anniversary, Congratulation

Congratulation my dear friend, I pray that you see many more years to come, happy ones as today. 
Happy birthday dear 

To my beautiful girlfriend and friend for life, I say a big happy birthday to you
Congratulation dear

To your wife and little family that will be adding in number soon, I say happy pregnancy to your wife dear. 

I heard that your family tree has grown in branch since I last saw you my friend, although belated please forgive me and a big congratulation to your family dear.

Sir on everything and especially on the deal you put through in the office, from all your staff, we say a big congratulation

Congratulations my friend, I heard you just travelled after the scholarship program you got last month. 
I wish tut ask the best dear. 
Stay safe

Congratulation dear big sister, I knew the day would come when you'd be leaving but I guess I can't help but miss you still. 
Congratulation on your new job offer

Congratulation my love on setting yourself up as an entrepreneur, you know it's always been my dream too. 
I hope to start soon too. 
Wish you the best bro 

Congratulation on the big hit sir, I hope you get the chance to get the capital you need to invest enough. 
Congratulation once more on your project.

Congratulation on your new job my friend, I am happy for you and pray you have a successful bond with co-workers and your boss. 
Wish you the best dear

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