Wednesday, 28 June 2017

20 Congratulation Messages For Shop Opening

On a novel set up as a shop opening of a special person, here's how to greet them with a beautiful message

Congratulation Messages For Shop Opening

Congratulations pal.
Good news this one you brought, I'm happy you are making headway on your dream everywhere, may this shop bring forth great profit and yield.
Happy for you friend

To initiate the plans of it alone is something noteworthy, my friend, this is every woman's dream.
Congratulation on pulling it through, this shop if yours. 

For all, I must say you shocked me with your new ventures and plans especially with your new shop. 
Congratulation dear friend

I am so happy for you especially with the new shop your husband has opened for you.

Not many can see dream like this to reality, I'm so envious of your courage my friend. 
Congratulation in your new shop. 

On pursuing and attaining this big a shop can only be in sleep but in so short a while and you've put everything through. 
Congratulation friend, I'm so proud of you

You always strike asg someone that was never caught out for following orders. 
Congratulation on your new shop and I pray it succeed.

I am so brimmed with joy for you seeing how splendidly well you have done.
May this big plaza be a success. 

I pray that as you have started may you continue to flourish as a business owner friend.
Nice thought out plan and God speed, I wish you luck

Nothing says bossy time more than being at the helms of your businesses.
Congratulation on your new adventure in business dear

I pray the burgeoning bud of your new business by your new shop grow to heights. 

Being the master of your own fate is the best as one can attest for his decisions and not someone's.
Congratulation on your new shop

Good luck, I'm so happy for you and may the auspiciousness of your bus bloom to flourish. 
Congratulation in your new job

Congratulation on your shop, I'm happy you made it and got for you a really well strategy in attaining this shop. 
More grace and groceries I wish you and to your business.

I wish you the best in your new shop mum, may you experience better luck with sales than the last

Congratulation dear wife on the shop you purchased, your never cease to amaze me as the woman you are, independent and enterprising. 
Wish you all the best

Congratulation my niece, I pray that your sales skyrocket, your business strategy pays, your site be the best location and all good things that comes with having a new shop be yours. 

Congratulation on becoming the first in our clique to own a shop of her own
Wish us the best dear, we are coming soon, and I'm happy for you

Congratulation on your shop, what best way to announce your resignation from a job.
I'm really happy for you, congratulation

Best wishes for your new shop and I pray it yields all your expectations of it. 
Wish you all the best

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