Friday, 16 June 2017

20 Congratulation Messages For Winning in Sports

To a special person who you want to congratulate on being successful at a sport he participated in. 
Here's just the right way to

Congratulation Messages For Winning in Sports

Congratulation my friend on victory in your part and in making us proud, I was proud seeing my boy march up the podium to take his prize. 
Wish you all the best dear

Congratulations for winning the chess tournament!
May your triumph ring to the welkin through out the world.
Love you

Congratulations for winning the sand football tournament.
Your excellent awareness and skills was something else on the pitch.
I wish you the best to come dear. 

Congratulations for winning the 100meter race. 
I can see a Usain Bolt in you. Flash guy! Wish you the best

Congratulations for winning again. 
With your, one will always say these words because your every exploit is a success.
I hope be a great name and exciting player for this country soon.
Enjoy and stay safe.

Congratulations to our football team for winning championship on home soil.
You did us proud as a team captain and you made the school proud
Thanks captain

Congratulations for winning the tennis showcasing competition.
I pray in the competition proper, you'll show them your true colors and prise that trophy.
I wish you all things streamlined and may everything turn out happily for you. 

Congratulations for winning the grand in the grand stage of them all!
We hope that your new success will be only the first of good things in your life. Enjoy the novelty dear. 

Congratulations to our college basketball team for hard work, doggedness and togetherness paid off. Well done to the team and to you their captain. 
Wish you the best

Congratulations for winning this year's footballing tourney.
We are all so blessed to have the new J. Okocha and Kanu Nwankwo in our humble family.
More blessings to you and to your bright future. 

Congratulations for winning the biggest stage of them all.
I am so happy but at first I feared that this stint would not bear so well regarding the amount of other competitors I saw but this just proves you are the best we have seen so far.

Congratulations for winning this year’s live poker tournament. 
Your guile and sageness I must say was second to none.
To you and the prizes. Cheers!

Congratulations for winning the baseball annual competition my son. 
You have well proven yourself my true son.
Love you

Congratulations for winning this award dear.
I, as your coach throughout the school year saw your determination and fast track months, it has paid off now.
What a great inspiration to everyone else here. 

Congratulations for winning the tournament for yourself upsetting the odds. 
May this be the start of better fortune for you.

Congratulations for winning the Best Player Individual Award. 
Your unique skills and prowess totally stood out today from the rest of the players this year.
You really have places and height to reach.

Congratulation on doing yourself proud my son, I saw how you overcame the fear St the beginning and the fact that you came out top after  a slow start only proves your ability more. 
Congratulation on more chess to come which you shall win. 

Congratulation on proving that hardwork plays a big part in football not just talent because when I saw the array of talent as your competitors I started doubting your chances but thank God you won.
Wish you the best

Congratulation my fear child, it's no small thing this victory which you have brought home, I pray that your fellow runners learn from your indomitable attitude. 
Wish you the best because it is yet to come. 

Congratulations for your triumph in the contest.
As your name was being inscribed in the trophy, I must confess that I was wowed to think how no one noticed long, your undeniable talent.
You are awesome mahn.

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